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Your Website says "Out Of Stock". How do I buy?"

Our website is only to showcase our products. We made the decision to not sell through our website store, our stockists have first priority on all online sales. If you would like to purchase a JM garment check out the stockist tabs listed by the garments, or you can send us a message and we will help you find what you are looking for.

Where are Jaclyn M Garments Made?

All JM garments are made in the top of the South Island. Jaclyn is based in Nelson and is very hands on in the production of all JM garments. Our small superstar team of sewists are also based in and around the Nelson Tasman region.

Do you pay your workers a ethical rate?

Yes, our workers are paid well above the living wage. It is a very skilled job that is sorely undervaled in the fashion world. Without the makers there is no fashion.

What is your size range?

Our standatd size range is 8-18 or XS-XL. These will vary across stores as stores choose the size ranges that work best for them.

Can you make garments to a specific length or size?

We are happy to customise JM garments if your requirements are outside of our normal size range or pattern paremeters. There maybe a extra fee depending on the requirements. Feel free to contact us we will help you the best we can.

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