A week at JM

There is this common misconception that fashion is just drawing designs and playing with pretty fabrics. Maybe for some thats the case, but for most of us running small businesses that is not the case.

On a normal day for us here at JM we usually spend most of the day cutting out. Then I will usually spend the remaining day sewing or prepping items for my small team of sewists to pick up.

This is the usual routine 5 days a week. Sometimes Its mixed up with pattern making or ironing, but generally spare time is something that doesnt exist.

In between doing all of the above we have to squeeze in the admin, socials, billing,packing, booking models, dealing with fabric delays, fabric cancellations, photoshoots, editing photos and sampling for new seasons.

Usually we are working on three seasons at once, right now we are about to start working on production for Spring/Summer 22 having just released Winter 22 to the public, along with sampling for Winter 23 ready to be on the road for viewings July. It can be alot to keep in your head all at one time.

It is constant and if you dont learn to take time out you will never get it.

In this bizz you have to learn to roll with what the day brings, everyday brings something new, but one things that is guaranteed is that there will be a hurdle and challenge around every corner when it comes to being NZ made.

But we wouldnt have it any other way


Pictured is Jen wearing the Mary Linen blouse, with out sweet heart crop top over top.

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