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Merino Wool care

Looking after Merino.

This season we have chosen to use a Merino Ponte. This fabric is an Oeko-Tex-approved fabric made from NZ merino wool that has been knitted in Vietnam.

Oeko-Tex Institute is an independent company that tests fabric for harmful substances that are quite often found in textiles. The Oeko-Tex standard 100 means it has been given the tick for safe use directly against the skin.

Quality Merino itself is always popular, over the years I've seen some interesting do's and donts so I thought I would share them with you all.

  • ​​​Merino WILL shrink in the dryer

  • ​​​Moths love it, so store it with lavender to keep the pesky critters away.

  • ​​​Do not ever use nappy sand or any similar type of product, it will dissolve the fabric making it fall into holes.

  • ​​​Cold hand wash in gentle detergent.

  • ​​​Our sun is also pretty tough on fabric and can cause the fibers to break down faster. Dry in the shade or under a sheet in full sun for extra protection.

  • ​​​Dry flay to keep its shape.

  • ​​​Don't dry clean, the chemicals are not good for the fabric.

  • ​​​Wash inside out

  • ​​​Cold hand wash, don't rub or wring.

  • ​​Be mindful of the jewellery you wear, long necklaces may cause the fabric to snag and break the fibers leaving a fuzzy mess.

  • ​​Be aware of countertops that may have a rough surface as these can

  • ​​​It will pick up fluff, so if you have pets, invest in a good lint roller.

I know after reading all that it probably seems like a high-maintenance fabric, but once you understand the fabric it will become second nature to care for it. If looked after right, good quality Merino wool will last for years.

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