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Welcome to the JM journal.

Welcome to the JM journal.

I had an idea of what I wanted in a Journal, I wanted it to encompass everything that matters to us. Personally and professionally, not just fashion, but all the bits and bobs that revolve around who we are.

So what will you get?

We sat down last week and mapped out a list of category topics that we feel are important to us here at Jaclyn M,

About us

Mind food

Health & well-being

Trending now




Ask the designer

Sewing/making garments

We mapped out topics under each of these categories that have relevance to us, over the next few weeks while we are getting into the swing of things we will start to explore these topics with you.

I hope you all enjoy our new adventure into some very interesting topics, and if you can think of any other topic of interest just let us know♥️.


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