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Let's eat cake!

First journal entry of the year. Yikes!! Where has the year gone? Blinked in January and opened my eyes to June! If you're new to my Journal, then welcome welcome, this space is for everything lifestyle, food, fashion, and mental health. Ups downs and everything in between. I mulled over quite a few ideas for this entry, so many things, on the agenda for the year, but decided to go for one of my favourite things......FOOD! And what better topic than cake? Wacky cake to be specific, does anyone out there make this cake? It is amazing. It's so easy to make, egg-free, and dairy free. Fully vegan and delicious. It's made from a few staple pantry ingredients, no creaming butter and sugar, no cracking eggs, and no fancy ingredients (unless you want.)

I've given it a little tweak from the original recipe as it called for cocoa powder and I can't eat anything chocolate. I also cut down the original amount of sugar because I was adding additional ingredients that were sweet and 1 cup of sugar seemed like a looooot of sugar. The results were a soft fluffy cake, with a crunchy biscuity top. (is biscuity even an actual word?) Original recipe Flour - 1 1/2 cups Sugar - 1 cup Oil - 6 Tbs Water - 1 cup Baking powder - 3 tsp Vinegar - 1 Tbs Vanilla - 1tsp Cocoa - 4 Tbs Pinch of salt Lemon ginger cake (pictured) Flour -1 1/2 cups Sugar - 1/2 cup Oil - 6 Tbs Baking powder -3tsp Vinegar -1 Tbs Vanilla -1 tsp Lemon ginger syrup -3 Tbs Water is just under 1 cup. Pinch of salt

I added syrup to 1 cup measure and topped it up with the water so it was still measuring 1 cup of total liquid.

Banana cake Overripe banana - 1cup Flour - 1 1/2 cups Sugar - 1/2 cup Oil - 6tsp Water - 1/2 baking powder -3 tsp Salt a pinch Vanilla -1tsp Vinegar - 1TBS

It's a fast, simple cake to bake, in a bowl add all dry ingredients together. Then add all liquid ingredients (including banana if making the banana cake). Mix just to combine ingredients, the less mixing the softer the cake will be. We don't want to be creating gluten by over-mixing the cake batter. Grease your baking tin. I use olivani because that's what I have, but butter or oil will do the same. Add the cake batter evenly. My cake tray is approximately 23cm x 17cm with a depth of 5cm. I use the foil trays and have found them to be the perfect size. I don't have a normal cake tray so these were my go-to as we always have them.

Bake at 180 for approximately 40 minutes, or until the skewer comes out clean. I bake in a normal oven setting with a water tray in the bottom for extra moisture. Let sit/cool for a few minutes before turning out of the tin. Leave to cool, then If you like icing, add icing or a dusting of icing sugar. Voila! All done! Tips

  • It does go very brown on top

  • It will develop a crunchy crust

  • If you don't like crunch, leave it overnight and it will soften.

  • You can use baking soda. 1 tsp of baking soda is 3 tsp of baking powder. Make sure you get the ratio right. For my recipes, I have used baking powder because that's what I had in the pantry.

  • You can choose to use any other dried fruit instead of cocoa in the original recipe.

  • Banana is the only fresh fruit I've had success cooking dairy and egg-free cakes with. Anything too wet just tends to create a soggy cake that doesn't last well.

  • You could use chocolate chips or buttons if you wanted to.

  • length of time and heat will depend on the efficiency of your oven. If in doubt set a timer for ten minutes less, and check with skewer, if it needs longer do 5min increments until the skewer comes out clean.

  • I have not tried cutting down on oil, so don't know how this will affect the cake. I currently use olive oil or rice bran oil. I have not tried coconut oil or any alternative, if you do let me know how that goes!

  • I've used malt vinegar, balsamic vinegar, and cider vinegar. My favourite is malt vinegar so far. However, there is very little taste difference between them.

I'm not going to be a downer and put the calorie intake because it's a treat that should be enjoyed with no guilt. It is a nice, simple cake, and I hope you enjoy making it. Let me know how it goes

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